Convenience - Adventure - Society - Interactive
Customize you 13 unique locations to wear one of several hundred wearable objects
Legends Your legend begins here.
Overhead map View yourself, your surroundings, without leaving the action
Exchange Safely and easily barter with other players
Find Friends Easily find friends, guild members, or anyone.
Emotions 11 graphic emotion expressions
Portrait Create a unique portrait for other players to see.
Spells 200+ spells, several dozen unique effects
Skills 100+ unique skills
Items 1000+ mundane or magical items
Creatures 1000+ varieties of creatures, using dozens of unique behaviors
Realms 100+ realms in half a dozen baronies


Eight fully interactive religions, with complex relationships. Pray, entreat, consecrate, summon, and more.
Politics Enforce laws; write laws; achieve prestige. You're in your world now.
Guilds Join a guild. Create a guild.
Love Fall in love; be united by a player priest in the faerie glade.
Bulletins Write within your village, religion, or privately mail a friend.
Messengers Mail items to another player.

Be Recognized

Participate in creative contests hosted by mundanes. View hundreds of imaginative works in the massive Aisling Library
Herbalism Pick herbs from discernible flowers to make unique potions.
Altar Offer and receive blessing from gods.
Harvest Harvest ingredients for magical potions.
Treasure Chests Discover trapped treasures within dangerous dungeons.
Elemental Nodes Collect elemental fire from a torch, elemental water from a pure fountain, or sometimes from a magical, elemental creature. Release the power of the pure elements.
Enchantment Enchant hundreds of mundane objects for yourself or a fellow player.
Tailoring Tailor normal clothing into very fine garb to protect yourself or a fellow player.
Martial Forms Learn mythic martial forms of the creatures of Temuair
Smithing Smith a weapon, polish a gem, or create a magical ring from your legendary skill.
... And many more. A world to live in.